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So, you think want a Sengé  Chow puppy?

Elsewhere on this site, you will find an article entitled, "Don't Buy a Chow".  If you have never lived with a Chow before, we ask that you have a thorough read through this fairly comprehensive overview of what living with a Chow is like.

Chow puppies grow into strong medium sized dogs within months and will reach their full growth by the time they are two years old.  So, when you think about getting a Chow puppy remember the above photo because that is what you are really getting. They are cute little puppies for about four months and then they become big dogs who have the brain of a puppy for a much longer time. 

Often people contact us wanting a puppy for their child, family member, friend or partner.  Although some breeders and Chow owners might disagree with us, we feel obligated to say that we do not feel these dogs are the right pet for everyone, particularly people who are

  * unaware of what is needed to care for Chow;
  * are unwilling to train their children (even small children) about proper behaviouraround a dog;
  * will be unable to take the time to train the Chow about proper behaviour around humans and other 
     animals - this includes the first five levels of positive reinforcement obedience training. 

If you have small children, you must make sure that you supervise all playtime with the growing Chow puppy until you are confident both the Chow and the child can play with each other appropriately. No small child under the age of about 10 should ever be left unsupervised with a dog.  It CAN work with children and be a good experience for everyone, but it will take some patience and dedication on the part of the adult humans. 

Chows are very strong minded and must be trained consistently using positive reinforcement techniques.  As part of their life-long training, they must also be socialised regularly and often.  The Chow owner must be prepared to put in time into training and socialising their Chow. 

If you are buying a Chow from us make sure you are buying it for yourself and your family. Don't try to buy one for someone else or for a child.  The purchase of a pet is a personal one and the pet must be the right fit for an individual's personality and lifestyle. We have a questionnaire that we ask prospective puppy buyers to fill in and we insist on a written agreement between ourselves and the future owner of the dog as well.

Why a full page with words of caution? We want to be sure our dogs are placed in loving forever homes.  We make an effort to be sure that you are committed to one of our pups for its life. Our philosophy is that even when life throws you curve balls you must understand that "getting rid of the dog" is not an option.  You must be that committed, willing and responsible because once we trust you with a pup we mean for it to be for that pup's lifetime.



Here at Sengé Chows, we have bred 15 litters over the past 25 years. At the most, we may average one to two litters a year, and at the least it will be once every two or three years. We breed our dogs for ourselves for the purposes of showing them in Conformation shows and for our future breeding lines.  When we do have a litter, occasionally puppies are available to pet homes. We work to produce conformationally correct puppies who are both sound in mind and body. We promote health checks following the guidelines for hips, elbows, patella, thyroid and cardiac.  We strive to have healthy Chow eyes.

We are members of Dogs Victoria, the Chow Chow Club of Victoria, the Non-Sporting Club and others.


Our Chows are ANKC registered (pedigreed) pure bred dogs.





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