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Thank you for considering Sengé Chow Chows in your puppy search. Please read this page before you call us. The next few questions are NOT here for you to answer and send to us, but to make you think about your decision. We want you to be sure you are truly committed to caring for a dog for years. After reading the rest of this page if you are still interested, then please contact us and we can talk further.


1.    Do you have an adequately fenced area where your dog can run and play?







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































2.    Will you allow this dog to play outside in a fenced area for much of its day?

3.    Are you prepared to have this dog as an indoor dog, spending much of its time with you when you are home?

4.    Do you have a Vet that you know well and can call on when your dog needs care? If not, are you willing to seek out a Vet prior to purchasing one of our puppies?

5.    Will you take your dog to your vet on a yearly basis?

6.    Will you feed your dog a high quality food based on our recommendations?

7.    Will you spend adequate time with your dog every day?

8.    Will you attend some Obedience classes with your dog within the first six months to a year of its time with you?
Do remember a puppy only needs about ten minutes of training per session. What it needs mostly is socialization - an opportunity to learn and play with other puppies on a regular basis away from its home. It also needs its training sessions to be FUN.

      Can you give that puppy the kind of time that will be needed for such training and do you have the patience for it?

9.    Are you prepared for the problems that come with puppyhood such as: accidents, problems potty training, chewing habits, crying at night, tearing up your prized possessions?

10.  Are you willing to meet with us before purchasing one of our puppies? (We generally have a problem selling to people we've never met.)

11.  Are you aware that a Chow puppy will grow into a very strong adult dog, standing as high as 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing anywhere from 26 to 40 kilos by the time it is two years old? 

      If you did not realize this, the question is - can you handle it?

12.  Do you realize that Chows can be active and playful, and that a Chow can be puppy like in behaviours as late as two years old and sometimes even later?

13,  Do you understand that a puppy and or a dog is a living being capable of feeling pain, cold, heat, hunger and that you are responsible for caring for its needs?

14.  Are you willing to be responsible for this living being for its entire life which could be as much as eight to 13+ years? Are you ready for this kind of commitment?

15.  Are you willing to give the puppy or dog back to us should things not work out?

16.  Are you willing to stay in contact with us and keep us informed about the health and well being of this pup for its entire life?

If you can honestly say yes to all of these questions then you may be ready for a Sengé Chow puppy. Keep reading about Chows. Give us a call.  And be prepared for a meeting or two with us before we agree to sell you a puppy.

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